To encourage women of color to embrace their natural hair

Ahh’ love those braids


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It is so good to get it right’

We must become willing participants with the author and finisher of our destiny’

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My grandpa and grandma, their love was real. My grandma told me when she met him, he said to her, I have nothing except the shirt on my back, she answered and said that’s alright you sleep on one end and I will sleep on the other. They went on and years later,made a good life for themselves doing farm work. Grandma was a naturalist., a healer and humanitarian she taught me that I was black and pretty, she would say

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The Children are the leaders of tomorrow so let them be sown in truth about who they are. They will define themselves in how GOD created them and continue the journey with learning experiences.

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To know myself

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The beauty of a Black woman

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Let the plaits stand up

When keeping it natural, we may sometimes need to wear the plaits, since the plaits are a natural grooming method for nappy hair. This method allows the hair to take … Continue reading

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