To encourage women of color to embrace their natural hair

Reaching for the star’

                  Give life all you got’ especially when it comes to occupying on this planet. There are needs to be met and we must rise up and become soul providers of those needs. In doing so, we must be equipped with the skills and personality that will aid us in this challenge of pursuing the great. First let us start with our first foundation, our bodies, this is where our soul resides. Our minds must be feed the right information, so that we can make the right moves.  Being thankful to the creator for giving us an earth experience, should motivate you beyond selfish pity parties,so fix your face and hair put on your nice garment and go face the people.The plight of this journey is too short for every thing you do to fall short’ Keep reaching for the stars, at least when you fall you will hit the tallest tree’                               


One comment on “Reaching for the star’

  1. bettycollier
    April 4, 2016

    keep on pushing , you will finally see hard work pays off’

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