To encourage women of color to embrace their natural hair


In most black communities you will find there are still people who choose to be shocked when looking upon nappy hair. They find it to be unreal compared to their perms and straight weaves. How did a people get to a place where to distinguish between their real hair and fake is not plain to the naked eye? It is because psychologically, this behavior has grown into a habitual reaction to protect one from excepting or being seen as an African American or as an African period. The feelings are, in order to succeed in this society , one must deny their origin, putting it out of their thoughts in exchange for another. Their creative thoughts being filled with protective measures says, all I have to do is put on their face and smile and they will accept me. I am a person too and I can be just like the status in charge. There is an inner disturbance that has gone unchecked for centuries, Which is; the thoughts that I am not good enough, not pretty enough and not smart enough.All nationalities will have some of these concerns,but for black people there is a problem of a significant difference. “A head of nappy hair” for some this cannot be a reality in their life. They have become happily convinced that to destroy their nappy hair is the correct way..


2 comments on “KILL IT BEFORE IT GROWS’

  1. bettycollier
    June 27, 2013

    As a race of people, we must come into the realization that we are made with a purpose. when we stand we must stand in our beautiful physical attributes.

  2. bettycollier
    August 8, 2013

    The practice of destroying your natural hair is TABOO” behavior.

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