To encourage women of color to embrace their natural hair

What about the children?

I can remember when i was a little black child, running around in the country yards and fields, feeling the cool breeze on a hot summer day blowing through my beautiful nappy hair. I knew my hair was beautiful because my grandma told me so. There were children at school whose parents were ashamed of their nappy hair, so their hair were made straight by the use of a hot straightening comb. They tried to may me feel bad for being me. There were a few others that wore it natural like me and my sister,but the popular crowd  lived in town and watched tv and looked through popular magazines. They had defined their beauty through Hollywood. I didn’t know that was the case then, but i remember the magazines. I have come to realize that I was highly blessed. because I had a grandma that taught me to be natural ,eat natural and to show love for mankind. Children are the future and they will be fine,if the grownups that rear them are in their right state of mind. We must beware of the childish old, for their wickedness is a terrible snare.


One comment on “What about the children?

  1. bettycollier
    June 21, 2013

    children are always watching the people that are closes to them.Help them to see the beautiful truth.

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